Prism Accent Light 150′ W/Niche


Add to your part number to indicate which manufactures program you want with a dash. P=Pentair , J=Jandy , H=Hayward to the end of the part number. (Example = for Pentair #P63100-P for 2″ Prism 100′ cord)



lluminate your pool or spa with the Prism Colored LED pool light.

  • Superior illumination with glare minimizing optics.
  • Designed for use in shallow pool areas like sun shelves and pool steps.
  • Each Light provides colored lighting coverage for 120 sqft.
  • Compatible with controllers from major brands.
  • Simple installation for different pool finishes.
  • Pre-programmed LED Light Shows and Bright Static Colors.
  • Independent White LED delivers high-quality White Lighting.

Even Flood Lighting

The diffuser lens provides even blending of colors for clear and consistent lighting throughout the pool.
The Prism | Accent Light covers can be used to cover upto 120 sqft of Pool Area with even lighting.

Compact Light 

The small form factor of the Accent Light makes it ideal for use om tight spaces like sun shelves, pool steps etc.

Transparent Trim

The Prism lights have a transparent trim blending them seamlessly with any type of pool surface.

Third Party Controller Compatibility

Prism pool lights ship with a preset show mode based on your order, but can be changed at anytime between different operation modes.


  • Pentair Light Shows and Colors
  • Hayward Light Shows and Colors
  • Jandy Light Shows and Colors


Pipe Light Advantage

Niched pool lights are larger in size and require advanced planning during the rebar installation. Prism Pipe lights are smaller and don’t require a large niche or special accommodation with the rebar. Each Accent light ships with a niche that can glue to a 2 inch PVC pipe.

Multiple Accent Lights can be used instead of a single large pool light allowing for more even distribution of light throughout the pool. The compact size of the Accent Light allows for lighting of shallow surfaces like pool steps and sun shelves.